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When creativity and spirituality blend

As a former academic researcher (LL.M Ph.D), Karin is a deep diver of the ancient, perennial wisdom and knowledge. Yet, based on her own life experiences, true alchemy can not be found in books, but is learned through the (he)art of Life: by transforming energy into a higher frequency of light, love and joy.

A very powerful tool in this transformation is imagination.  Creating a mental picture of ‘that which is not there yet’, is the heart of every day, yet true magic. Soul infused imagination and creativity are – because they’re driven by the heart and the soul – the authentic (manifesting) power within this Universe. Karin uses her soul gifts with great joy to create magic experiences in words and visionals.



Her soul infused collage art visuals and clips hold a frequency of light that uplift and trigger you into your own magick. She creates portals that shift your perspective, heal, and connect you to your own ‘U-niverse’. This soul space is the tender, sweet and gentle home within you, infinite and pure love. Unfortunately, we have forgotten or feel ashamed of our inner space. We have created many walls and layers around us that keep us from our real power. It is her mission to help you remember this part of you, since it is your unique source of supreme power.

Cheerleading your soulful business

Karin loves to guide soulful entrepreneurs &  ‘Sirius game changers’, who are ready get their supernova’s out and play, yet have difficulty in acknowledging and expressing their stars. Karin guides you to find your essence in a soul space discovery’ .

As an astronaut of your own space, you will tune in on your why of your business and learn to create an authentic, soul infused brand book  and are able to create your own personal mission manifest. 

Fyra & Lumi children’s book

Everything is energy, as are visuals and words. It is no secret that the power of a visual or a word/text can break you down, or it can empower and enlighten and empower you.

This is what she also teaches in her imagination-workshops for children, and based on her children’s book Fyra & Lumi. This is a magical adventure about a little firefly, Fyra who is not able to light up, as most fireflies do. She embarks on a magical journey in the cosmos filled with dangerous obstacles to  save Luminosa, the planet of her new found friend Lumi. Fyra discovers that the only way to light up, is to follow her own path and to use her heart- & soul space imagination.

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