when you know how to put your magic into your story, you can change the world. 


your inner alchemist with  transformational storytelling

“How can I inspire with my story and my message?”

When I ask people if they have met their inner magician in the mirror, most of them start laughing: “Haha! With my Harry Potter glasses on; and I suppose you have a wand and a broomstick that I can lease? I mean inspiration,  not Hogwarth.”


When you want to inspire people with your story and your message, you need to be an inspiration to yourself. And most of all: you need to be in-spirit: being  able to transfer your energy into your audience.


I call it magic

A story is inspirational when it is charged with your magic: with your en-soulment, your heart-openers and your most true ‘you’. 

It is, ultimately about the question how your idea/message/product can make the difference in this world, to make it brighter, more loving, and more joyful.

 Real magic 

You don’t need a wand, or Harry’s glasses for real magic to be seen. You need YOU. Just as you are. Only you are able – as a storyteller – to touch people’s heart and remember them of their soul space. It is about your spirit, that inspires. 

Light up this world

The transformational storytellers will light up this world. They will bring the magic back into this world; whether this be in words, images or other art. Those who understand the magic of storytelling and the story of magic, will change the world and will reconnect us to ‘our why’. It is my hope and my belief. 

Transformational Storytelling 

Transformational Storytelling is nout about a new way of ‘marketing’. It is an ode to the thousands and thousands of years doing what we humans are all capable of: telling a story. 

And not just a story. But a story that transforms: yourself and your audience, causing a shift in hearts, souls and minds. 

We need more magical stories of wonder, of transformation; so that we re-member what it is to be truly alive, and being in this experience called (human) Life. 

A transformational story brings movement. And  a story that moves , inspires.

“E = mc2.

your Magic = your alchemy.

The magic of the storyteller is the magic of a story

A story needs to carry magic within, to be able to inspire. YOU are the magic maker, the magic bringer.

Do you know how to tap into your own magic? Your magic? Can you tell us your story of transformation? 


How can I help you?

I will show you and let you re-member your own magic, so that you can touch lives with your story. 

You can work with me in different ways: individual, in groups, in (online) workshops, and as a creative. 

1-1 inspiration
& creation  sessions

visual X-periences
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As an all round storyteller, I can help you to show and express your magic in visuals and text, resonating with the audience you’d like to touch. Click the link below to find out more. 







Fairy tales & ballet 

The Story of my Life has (already) brought me so much enrichting chapters and in depth experiences of what it truly means to be alive. To thrive. To dream. To lose. To win. To love: myself and the other. To be in- spirit and inspire. 

As a child, I loved – and still do – fairy tales and ballet. When my mum bought me a book of ballet fairy tales, I was hooked; especially about the Swan Lake story & the Nutcracker:) The stories were accompanied by beautiful visual dreams. It was my magic book. I believed in magic and saw magic around me, especially in nature. 

To write, is to be. 

From the moment I was able to write, I had been given a journal/diary. Those journals have become tremendously important tools to discover and express my inner space. Journalling made me realize that ‘growth’ is not loud; yet it happens in stilness. In contemplation, and reflection. To me, journalling became a way to enter silence. 

I loved to make handmade stationary, to send letters to loved ones, and to cheer people up with my colorful designs:) I was always looking forward to old magazines; that served as the paper clip art source for my designs. 


Despite a very creative, artistic and musical background, I eventually chose to study law at Tilburg University. 

Writing was in my blood, and because I was so passionate about it, – and because I had absolutely no intention of becoming a lawyer -, I embarked on a Ph.D mission; driven by the promise that it allowed me to  write a book. 

After many trials and tribulations, I eventually finished my dissertation (on victims of disasters and their needs)  and became an ‘LL.M. Ph.D’ in january 2009. After that, I worked in research/consultancy, within the safety & law field.  

Life wants to tell you a story (too)

When I started to listen closely to what was really needing to be ‘lived’, my memories of fairy tales, ballet and the creative soul emerged from deep within. At that time, I published my first children’s book, ‘Fyra & Lumi’. And it was a story of following your heart, following your own path & light. It was a magical story about a firefly and a being from a foreign planet (Luminosa). 

My own children’s book taught me the lesson

My heart is passionate about stories. About magic in the sense of ‘Harry Potter  Lord of the Rings’. But also to mystic magic that runs through our veins: the magic which is hidden in our own stories of transformation, of turning lead into gold. 


Stories are the ultimate ways to show our magic, to share the collective magic and to transform this world into a place of more joy, more kindness and more light.

When we re-member how to tell a story that can light up, that can express the magic within us, we can transform not only ourselves, but the audience, and the world. We can create movement by the power of a story. An excellent story is a transformational story of your magic. And remember:  Be excellent, but not too serious.

Let’s Start a Story