Custum made Soul Visional

Your soul space is the most tender, sweet part of you, the centre of your heart space, directly connected to Source.

We are often afraid of our own vulnerability. To really see it, nurture it, and embrace this part. A custom made Soul Visional or Clip can assist you to re-connect to your Home. It will deeply work into your inner being, and its high frequencies will give you a dream to contemplate on, to let yourself feel whole again by the artistic expression of your very own soul space. It will speak to you, by looking at it every day, you will look at the beauty of yourself, and you will start to feel the Whole of you.

How it works: after your order you will be sent a Soul Scape Form, which you can fill in, so I can get an impression of your soulspace. This makes it easier for me to tune in to you. If you prefer a free guidance call (15 minutes) or what’s app contact, this is also a possibility! Leave phone number in the registration form.

Note: A soul visional is open for one round of feedback. You will be sent a digital soul space visional.


55,00 inclusief BTW

“Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.”

– Oprah Winfrey